5 Reasons Why You Need A Coach


Within you resides limitless potential to create the life of your dreams. With your imagination spawning your dreams, you will see what others cannot and shape that which you envision into the life you desire.

But just because the life of your dream begins in you, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need help from others along the way. Bill Gates, whose dreams birthed Microsoft and made him perhaps the richest person in the world, states it succinctly: Everyone needs a coach.

Studying some of the most accomplished individuals in history, you will discover a coach or mentor who helped him or her along the way. The best athletes among us all have one thing in common…a coach.

But it’s not just in sports where coaches are needed. Modern day icons, such as Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Nelson Mandela to historical figures such as Socrates, Plato and Timothy all credit their success to a coach or mentor.

Here are five reasons why you also need a coach:

1. You want to maximize your potential. A good coach will help you identify your weaknesses and strengths, and help bring to the surface the best you. Famed football coach, Tom Landry, put it this way: “A coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear, who has you see what you don’t want to see, so you can be who you have always known you could be.”

2. You want to accomplish your goals and dreams faster. A good coach has been where you are right now. They know the road ahead and what it takes to get there. They will help you identify what to avoid, where to turn if you are lost, and what to do when you are running out of steam. In other words, they will accelerate your success.

3. You want to have someone walk along side you, who will believe in you, motivate you toward success and challenge you when you may lose focus. There are times when we are discouraged and stuff gets in the way of our dreams. We then easily become sidetracked, lose focus and even give up on our dreams. A good coach will always believe in you, motivate you and speak the truth in love when you are not at your best.

4. You want to have someone help you overcome the giants that hinder your progress. All of us have blind spots, or flaws that hinder us from accomplishing what we want in life. A good coach can help you identify those blind spots that work against you, and help you reframe your mind for progress.

5. You want to remain grounded in your true self even in great success. When success comes, it’s easy to lose focus on what’s really important in life. Greed, fueled by unresolved fears and insecurities, will seek to overtake your agenda. Your false egoic self will overshadow your true self until your real essence of being is nothing more than a distant memory, or may even be forgotten. A good coach will help you stay in the flow of unconditional love, where true happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction, is your real destiny.

So get a coach or coaches that will guide you toward success in every area of your life. If you question whether it’s worth it, ask yourself what it will cost you to go without. Remember, you deserve to live limitlessly. A good coach will help to get you there.

David Youngren is an international speaker and the founder of Juma’s World (a charity working with children in Tanzania.) His latest book, Awakening To I Am Love: How Finding Your True self Transforms Your Wellbeing, Relationships, and What You Do was published in November 2019.

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