David Youngren

If you are like most of my readers, you consider yourself spiritual but not religious. You are an independent thinker that is open-minded to explore the primary questions of life. What motivates your interest is a desire for authentic spirituality that transforms your life. You want to live a happy, content and fulfilled life. You want to thrive in the following areas:

  • Your mental wellbeing
  • Your relationships with your family and friends
  • Your health
  • Your career
  • Your passions, and interests

You also want your life to have meaning. That’s why your family is vital to you. Besides your family, you also have a deep desire to use your gifts and abilities to make the world better.

But there’s something in the way, isn’t there?

You have hopes and dreams for your life, but sometimes it feels like there’s something missing. One moment you are on top of the world, but another moment you find yourself alone with feelings of insecurity, fear, anxiety, stress, worry and other unhealthy emotions.

You may turn to faith, therapy, or self-help experts for help, and that works for a while. But then you drift back again into old unhealthy patterns (even if its just in your mind.) These negative thoughts may even have affected your health, your work, and your relationship with your family. Anything here, sounds familiar?

I’ve been there too…

I know what it feels like to have success, but inside be struggling with all kinds of toxic thoughts. My journey into awakening to love began in 2005. At the time, I was a successful Pastor and the President of a Christian College. I also had my own TV-show. But inside, I was empty and disillusioned.

After a move to California in mid-2005, I found myself questioning everything I believed and represented. Then in 2006, I had a profound inner experience with divine love that transformed my life. My health suddenly improved drastically. My old crippling attitudes disappeared. My insecurities and fears began to fade. Most importantly, my spiritual understanding was enlightened to a much better way to live – the way of love.

Nowadays, I love spending time with my beautiful family in San Diego. I’m the President of several companies and the leader of multiple global initiatives. I’m also the founder of a charity – Juma’s World – that works with orphaned children in Tanzania.

What I’m sharing is not a perfect life. I’m certainly no superhero. I’ve simply discovered a way to live in freedom.

Can I help you?

Together with my team, I help people like you live their best life. Our mission is to guide you into finding your true self within. Our inner struggles and self-destructive behavior stem from who unconsciously believe ourselves to be. When you awaken to your true self then new thoughts, feelings, attitudes that create life, beauty, and happiness will naturally emerge.

Through our live events, various meditation programs, and personal coaching, we’re helping people trade stress, struggles and insecurities for peace, happiness and love. We hope you’ll join us.

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Awakening To I Am Love

Our struggles with anxiety, insecurity, stress, fear, and addictions stem from who we subconsciously believe ourselves to be. When you awaken to your true self within, you gain a new, dynamic, and healthy view of yourself and the world around you. 


David Youngren’s various meditation resources are designed to awaken you to the presence of love. The more you are aware of an ever-present stillness permeating with unconditional love deep within you, the more your life transforms.


Whether you find yourself lost in work, in a relationship, or just generally, you are not alone. Life with all its ups and downs brings most of us at some point to question who we are, why we do what we do, and why some relationships don’t work no matter how hard we try. 

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