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Awaken To I Am Love

How Finding Your True Self Transforms Your
Wellbeing, Relationships, and What You Do

Combining spiritual wisdom and scientific research with real-life stories, David inspires and guides us to move past our fearful egoic thinking and awaken within to the presence of love – our true self.

David explains that when you are conscious of the inward witness of I am love, there’s a radical shift in the way you perceive reality and experience life. Your wellbeing then transforms. Your relationships flourish. And what you do is enriched with purpose.

Served More Than A Million People

Have you been knocked down by life, and wondered how to bounce back again? Do you ever get anxious, worried, and stressed, and not sure how to deal with it all? Are you open-minded about having an authentic spirituality that transforms your life?

Whether you want to improve your mental wellbeing, health, and relationships, or find answers to the primary questions in life, David Youngren’s live events, resources, one-on-one coaching, and online community will help you transform the way you live and what you do.

Simply life transforming…

The truths that David presents are simply life transforming...We all have gifts and talents locked up inside of us of which the world is waiting to benefit from.

Kelli Richards
International Model

Forever grateful…

I'm forever grateful for David Youngren's amazing books, teachings, meditations and personal mentorship. It has guided me to become my best self, and motivated me to make a significant difference in the world around me.

Jermaine Jackson
CEO Love Revolution

Inspired and uplifted…

David's message is a breath of fresh air. I feel so inspired and uplifted...

Tony Ray
Tribal Seed Musician & Producer

Meditate With David

• Reduce stress and overcome fear and insecurities
• Boost your happiness, and decrease anxiety and depression
• Improve your immune system and health
• Increase your social connection with others
• Change your brain for the better
• Improve your productivity, and memory

Read. Watch. Listen.

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Hi, I’m David Youngren.

I help and guide seekers from every spiritual tradition to experience freedom from struggles with anxiety, insecurity, stress, fear, and addiction through finding their true self.

My journey into awakening to love began in 2005. At the time, I was a successful Pastor and the President of a Christian College. I also had my own TV-show. But inside, I was empty and disillusioned.

 After a move to California in mid-2005, I found myself questioning everything I believed and represented. Then in 2006, I had a profound inner experience with love that transformed my life and enlightened my understanding of spirituality…

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