Join Marcus Noel as he speaks with David Youngren about moving beyond “correct beliefs” to awakening within to your true self. Discover how your true self  instinctively loves — extends compassion, empathy, forgiveness, generosity, and an open and non-judgmental heart to all.

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In this final episode of season 1, David and Marcus explore three basic core principles that will improve life on our magnificent planet. You will discover your primary purpose in life, and how to let your true self shine through all that you do — thus participating in creating a better world.

What guides your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs – fear or love? In this episode entitled, A Mindset of Love, David Youngren talks to Marcus Noel about breaking free from the invisible limitations generated by fears, such as anxiety and insecurity. Four different types of challenges – rejection, psychological stress, negative judgments about self and others, and the struggle to be perfect – are addressed by David. Discover how awakening to Divine love within you transforms your perception, reframes how you experience reality, and helps you live your best life.

Learn about the 4 stages of meditation – gratitude, peace, grace, and love – that serve as the basis for all David Youngren’s meditation practices. David also shares about his first introduction to meditation in early 2006, when he felt an urge to meditate after experiencing excruciating pain. While wholly overwhelmed with recurring cluster headaches, David suddenly began to meditate on the profundity of the love demonstrated by Jesus. Within a couple of minutes of slumping into the seat of his car and closing his eyes, David was overcome with a feeling of love.

When the pain then disappeared, it was a moment like no other for him. The despair and helpless feeling that had weighed him down suddenly disappeared. Since that moment, David’s understanding of meditation has evolved to the point where loving-kindness mindfulness and contemplation is a daily practice for him. Thousands of people around the world are now using his Amazing Life 40-day challenge and other meditation programs to find freedom from shame, pressure, addictions, grief, depression, sickness, and every kind of fear.

When Jesus is presented as an either-or, good versus evil, in-or-out proposition, then the story of Jesus will remain little more than a weapon of the ego that desperately wants certainty, validation, and to be proven right, according to David Youngren. But what if Jesus is not a religious founder, nor a device by Christianity to decide who is in and who is out? What if Jesus is instead a face to behold, arms to embrace, and feet to follow in finding divine love within us?

In this episode, David shares with Marcus why the story of Jesus can be more relevant than ever when the light that was Jesus guides us in unraveling love as our true essence.

How do you become who you are? In this episode, David shares how pursuing change is the ego’s answer to self-improvement, while transformation is your heart’s (subconscious) awakening to your truest and deepest self. The first leads to frustration, anxiety, fear, stress, and unhappiness; while the latter results in love, compassion, peace, creativity, and inner joy. Discover how your heart can align itself with your true essence, and how the instincts, feelings, and thoughts arising from your heart are then divinely inspired.

Mentioning the word Christ in the same breath as evolution is not without challenges. Yet in this episode, David shares with Marcus about hints of an evolutionary process in the Bible, where Christ and evolution are similar concepts viewed through different lenses. Science deals with the biology and physics of an evolving universe, while Christ presents the meaning behind it, and the ultimate destiny for humanity and the universe. A fascinating and eye-opening discussion about the inherent movement in all things to what lies ahead.

In this episode, David and Marcus explore the connection between the universe, God, and you. Without looking at the whole—the universe and the transcending force that undergirds it—how can we understand who we are?

If the starting point for exploring the question of “Who am I?” begins with me, we will inevitably end up in the shackles of the ego. Obsessed with the conceptualized self—its survival, significance, and value—we will find very little meaning or purpose for existence. So we need to consider who we are from the widest lens possible, and then seek out a larger trajectory that brings us to where we are and where we are heading.

In this episode, Marcus asks David about overcoming failure. Nothing in the human experience is more universal than failure. When we err, the primary emotion is guilt, followed by an inner shame. As David explains, guilt is really an attack on love, used by the ego to strengthen itself. The ego – cause of suffering – doesn’t want to surrender to unconditional love because it would mean the end of the ego. Listen to David share how guilt is a device by the ego that keeps us repeating the same mistakes (or what many religions refer to as sin). How awakening within to Presence transforms your sense of self, which then effortlessly guides your actions, thoughts, and attitudes.

The ego is on a quest. It needs to stand out and to feel special. To cope with the nagging doubt that “I am not enough,” the ego seeks to enhance itself through identifying with content that communicates “more than you,” and that diminishes others. In this episode, David shares practrical examples with Marcus of how the ego works in our daily life, why it is the cause of suffering in our lives, and how gratefulness is one way to silence the ego. 

The Bible has been used to justify intolerance, inequality, bigotry, misogyny, racism, and even war. So why should we bother with the Bible in a world where social media, cable news, and Netflix are the daily diet for most people? In this episode, Marcus asks David about the 5th chapter in David’s book – Awakening To I Am Love, and specifically about the role of the Bible in today’s world. David shares his own journey toward seeing the Bible not as a historical book or a theological discourse, but rather as an evolution of consciousness from egocentric, to ethnocentric, to world-centric, and ultimately to Christ-centric.

In the same way that there is real and fake news, there’s also the real and fake “I.” Understanding the fake or the false “I” provides a clue to what is the cause of fear, guilt, insecurity, shame, depression, and addictions. In this episode, Marcus asks David about the formation of the ego, and how we can move beyond the false “I” and awaken to our true self for happiness, peace, and love.

In this episode, Marcus talks to David about four major stages of consciousness. Everyone’s worldview – whether, religious, political, racial, national, and so on – is rooted in one of the stages that David outlines. Discover how your worldview transforms when you awaken to your deepest inner being. New thoughts, feelings, and attitudes that create life, beauty, and happiness will then naturally emerge.

Within humanity, there’s a longing for authentic love. Love that is not toxic, not manipulative, not controlling, not fear-induced, and not destructive, but instead makes us whole and complete. In this episode, Marcus talks to David about awakening to love – love that is void of fear and rooted in oneness of all.

In this first episode of Path of Love with David Youngren, Catherine Rodriguez and Marcus Noel talk to David about spirituality outside of religion. The question of “what good is our spirituality if it doesn’t improve our lives and the world as a whole?” is raised. David shares some transformative insights from the first chapter of his recent book – Awakening to I Am Love – about finding freedom within from anxiety, worry, stress, panic, and all other dimensions rooted in fear.


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