Why Meditation Is Good For You


I hear many incredible testimonials from people as a result of using our meditation program. A young man explained to me how his career took off because his unconscious view of himself had shifted while meditating. He told me that it seemed like he was attracting favor and blessing unlike he had never seen before.

A mother told me that doing the meditation did more her in a brief period of time than what all other spiritual practices had done throughout her life. She had experienced a new consciousness that invited so much good into her life.

One young woman in the Netherlands even reported of being healed from brain tumor while meditating on divine love.

Research now indicates that meditation – visualization, imagination, focusing, reflection, mindfulness – activate the frontal lob of your brain that brings about favorable structural changes in the brain. One study found a significant cortical thickness increase in people who practiced meditation that resulted in significant reduction of several psychological indices related to worry, anxiety and depression.

Another study suggests that meditation may slow down the aging process. Some studies also conclude that meditation contributes to a more coherent and healthy sense of self and identity, especially relating to one’s sense of responsibility, authenticity, compassion, self-acceptance, and character.

In Hebrew tradition, meditation in stillness and rest was a way to commune with your heart. David, the Psalmist, poetically writes, “meditate within your heart on your bed, and be still.” Your heart was your self-perception, and your unconscious sense of identity. By meditating, you “write on the tablet of your heart” a new sense identity, and then find favor in life.

In other texts, we read that we are transformed from one image to another by beholding (implying the use of your imagination) as in a mirror the divine image of Christ in our hearts.

When you use your imagination to create a new image based your true, first, and best self, your unconscious mind gets rewired with that new, ultimate identity. Because of my spiritual roots, I meditate on the indwelling presence of the divine. This focus has transformed my sense of identity—not in a weird over-spiritual, misguided way. I’m not talking about adopting a messianic complex here. Meditation has empowered me to unleash my limitless potential, creativity, and confidence from within in a way that is compassionate and courageous.

Adapted from David Youngren’s recent book – Beyond Limits 7 Steps To Create the Life of Your Dreams

David Youngren is an international speaker and the founder of Juma’s World (a charity working with children in Tanzania.) His latest book, Awakening To I Am Love: How Finding Your True self Transforms Your Wellbeing, Relationships, and What You Do was published in November 2019.

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