Why Kindness Is Never Wasted


In these last few days before Christmas, kindness has been on my mind.

Maybe because kindness is love made visible, and that is the heart of the Christmas story.

And maybe because, like the sun melting the ice, kindness dissolves our differences, mistrusts, and the hostility between us in the world.


Simply caring for others, even when they don’t care for you. Seeing and celebrating the beauty in others, even when they don’t find it in themselves. Giving hope to the vulnerable, neglected, and forgotten, even when they are not able to return it back to you..


Perhaps, our most valuable tool in spreading love. It changes humanity. It changes the world.


It changes something in you and me.

A simple act of kindness quiets the fear, the anxiety and the worry in us.

Because the love imbedded in kindness shifts your mind from self, and the fear of others. The ‘fight or flight’ mechanism (the amygdala) in your brain is not triggered. Simply put, love is perfected because it bears fruit (kindness), and that drives out fear.

That’s why a simple act of kindness is never wasted.

My friend, try it.

Sprinkle some kindness around you this Christmas, and experience peace within you.

Finally, a suggestion: In 2007, I started a charity called Juma’s World — jumasworld.org. It releases children in Tanzania from poverty. If your heart moves you, make a donation in support of Juma’s World. Thank you!

David Youngren is a philanthropist, author, and an international teacher (has spoken to more than one million people at live events), who inspires and guides spiritual seekers from every background to awaken to the wonder of who they are. His latest book, Awakening To I Am Love is available at major online retailers. For more information, click here.

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