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  1. Vickie M Suddeth

    Sin will take one down a road of destruction, shame, and defamation. So many folks hide behind masks to cover up sins while pretending to be someone they’re not. Many don’t practice what they preach, they talk but don’t walk the walk. I am a woman preacher and I am the ‘other woman.’

    I had an affair with a married man. I walked into this ain willingly.

    I was not the pursuer. I was not the initiator. I was not the one to bring the marriage to an end. I was not the villain, to put it mildly,as I was made to be. I was not the woman who stole her best friend’s husband. I was not ‘that’ woman.

    As I got deeper into the affair with the married man, preacher of the cloth, we both knew we were playing with fire.

    I made countless attempts to discouraged him away from me, and I wanted him to make it work with his wife but nothing I said mattered. I would constantly tell him I was not worth him losing everything and he would say he had nothing to lose. He was dead set against leaving me alone and wanted the affair to continue. We had long talks about what this would do to the church,our families, our children, our parents, our friends, and the wife if we were found out.

    This may sound eerie, but whenever we came together it was great, but when it was all over we would pray and ask God for forgiveness. We would ask God to punish us, not our children or the ones we loved. The one thing I was not about to do was to go to church and hide behind a mask and pretend I am holier than thou.

    Either I will be real with you or not.I wouldn’t be two-faced. We both talked-about what will take place once our affair hits the fan. Once the divorce is finalized and the waiting period is over we would marry. Sounds simple but it wasn’t…

    It’s been a long road to recovery to get accepted by ‘church folks.’ I’ve sought God’s repentance, but folks want forgive. This is my second marriage. The first one lasted 21 years. My husband had an affair and verbally, mentally, physically, and sexually abused me.I know the pain of ‘the other woman’ syndrome first hand.

    Did I set out to get revenge? No! There were factors that lead up to me being in the arms of a married man. I am not proud of what I’ve done and if given the chance to do over, I would definitely do things different. Some people will forgive the worst of sina, but I found some will not forgive ‘the other woman.’


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